Nell's Catering Company

From the time she was in grammar school, Mary Nell Bennett, founder and owner of Nell’s Catering Company, can remember tip-toeing down to the kitchen in the middle of the night, being oh-so-careful not to wake her parents. It was not sneaking out or causing mischief that she had in mind - it was cooking. Even at that young age, she knew she had a passion for making great food. Mary Nell would spend hours digging through her mother and grandmother’s cookbooks, reading as many recipes as she could, and then she would get to work, tweaking every ingredient to make it her own creation. This passion for cooking followed her to college where she worked in several restaurants and kitchens before officially relocating to New Orleans in 2006. 

Since that time, Mary Nell has been providing catering services to friends, family, and colleagues. Mostly due to their encouragement and constant requests, in 2014, she officially established Nell’s Catering Company. The vision behind Nell’s is simple: use fresh local ingredients, incredible attention to detail, and a creative presentation to provide an experience your momma or grandmother would be happy to call their own. Whether it is 50 or 500 people, the eclectic serving ware and distinctive presentations Nell’s offers is just one way that it has separated itself from the rest.

Mary Nell’s grandmother probably said it best: If you make good food, people will come back. Nell’s looks forward to serving y’all soon!